School Prefers Green Cleaning and Saves Money

On February 27th, 2012 By 

We were talking about green cleaning recipes and products as a choice of the people who deal with household chores. But now these cleaning methods becomes preferable even by social communities such as schools.

This is the case with a Clarke school in Athens, Georgia where the cleaners have chosen the green cleaning methods and they realize that it is both money saving and healthy. The school district decided to start a program of cutting the dangerous chemicals and reducing the perfumes, and using clean water instead.

In fact several years ago the cleaning school workers turned to the green cleaning supplies in order to save money. As the time passed by, the eco-friendly methods became even more popular and the Clarke School District found out that they can take advantage of them in order to make the environment healthier for the students.

Not only the children in the school are going to benefit from the green cleaning program but the employees as well. Especially those who suffer respiratory diseases. The exchange of the chemicals with safe products has already taken effect as one of the employees, who has asthma, was on a sick leave only once last year.

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