Russians Cleaning Meteor Remains

On February 25th, 2013 By 

More than 24 000 people took part in the cleaning process in Chelyabinsk in Russia after a meteor blast last week.

On Friday 15th February, meteor parts fall down causing a lot of damages and injuring more than 1000 people. The meteor blast occurred in Russia and more precisely in Chelyabinsk region in Ural mountain. The view of the falling meteor parts was unique and many people were in shock after seeing this.

Most of the people were hurt by the flying glass. The amount of damaged buildings is around 4000. The cleaning of the area is going to take some time for there are 200 000 square metres of broken glass which have to be removed.

The area should also be cleaned from the remains of the meteor which were scattered across the large Ural region. The latest news is that people can buy pieces from the meteor. This is not cheap at all as a small piece can cost thousands of dollars.

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