Rubbish Cleaning in Cyprus after Strike

On May 25th, 2012 By 

The authorities in Nicosia, Cyprus hired private rubbish removal firms to clean the garbage after a strike of the workers which has lasted for 6 weeks.

Five companies were hired and started cleaning the north part of the city yesterday. The payment for the services will be provided by the “interior ministry” and the Nicosia “district office” in order the rubbish to be removed as soon as possible.

The reason for the situation is the strike of the Turkish Cypriot Nicosia workers. They have refused to collect the junk for 6 weeks because the major blocked the staff’s payments.

The council of ministers did their best to force the major give their payments but unsuccessfully. So they said they are going to cover the salaries but to see the rubbish removal done and to get rid of the huge piles of junk.

The interior minister of Cyprus, Nazim Cavusoglu said that the private companies are going to work 24 hours if they have to so to return the good look of the city. He also stated that the public’s health is the most important issue and the ministers were forced to act immediately.

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