Protect Your Children from Poisoning

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Most people choose to clean with green cleaning products in order to protect the environment. As we all know the chemicals in the household cleaners you, can find in the stores, are very toxic and lead to environmental damages. Not only that but the sprays even destroy the ozone layer which is one of the main reasons for the global warming lately.

Now you have another reason to stop using such dangerous supplies and turn to the eco-frinedly ones. You can protect your children from poisoning. According some of the latest statistics, five years old children are more endangered by poisoning with chemicals and more than the half of the calls in the poisoning centres are made by kids of this age. In this case it is parents’ turn to do their best to avoid such accidents.

One useful way to protect your children is to keep such dangerous supplies in locked cabinets where they won’t be able to reach it. But this is not always helpful as older kids might be able to unlock an open the cabinet. It is more smart to store these cleaning products in locked cabinets in high places.

Some parents prefer totally different approach and they quit using dangerous chemicals. If you prefer this method you can substitute the toxic supplies with baking soda, vinegar and salt. Now you can even buy mixed eco-friendly cleaning products from the store.


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