Pest Control: Hundreds of Britain’s Largest Spiders Released

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Hundreds of Britain’s largest spiders have been released. Luckily, into the wild. Arachnophobes, you can have a peace of mind, these 3inches-long insects are part of a breeding programme. Chances are low for encountering one of the so-called great raft spiders in your home. These creatures are attached to their environment and can survive only in marshland. You are not Shrek living near a swamp, are you?

Despite that these 200 baby great raft spiders have been set free as part of a breeding programme in cooperation with ten zoos, Brits and especially arachnophobes are now turning to pest control services in an attempt to secure their homes. But rest assured, raft spiders are big, but beautiful and are currently breeding in RSPB’s Strumpshaw Fen reserve, near Norwich, so if you are terrified just don’t go there.

Pest control is required in cases of vermin or insect population that is going out of control. Having cockroaches, mice, ants and other pests breeding near your home is what professionals can deal with most effectively. And as you may already know the best way to overcome your fears is to face them: so dear arachnophobes why don’t you try getting a baby tarantula?

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