Oven Cleaning – Most Hated House Chore

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cleaning the oven - most avoidedRecent research revealed that for most Britons the most dislikes house chore is oven cleaning. An average person has to deal with around 12 household tasks. But the one people consider as the worst is the scrubbing of the oven.

There are some more jobs in the list with “to-do” tasks which Britons avoid. Some of these tasks are sorting the food in the fridge and removing the hair from plug holes. The worst part comes when you have to deal with those chores after long period of postponing. This makes dealing with the task much harder.

The main reason according to the experts is the fact that people have busy schedules and have to balance between their personal and work life. This makes it hard to spare time for your family and for your domestic routines. And we start avoiding the most unpleasant tasks such as the oven cleaning.

A list posted by New Track India classifies the top 20 most avoided house chores in Britain. After the cleaning of the oven which is the most hated one we see that windows cleaning is the second one; painting the walls and dusting are next in the list.

If you thought you are the only person in the world who avoids scrubbing the oven, calm down. It appears it is something common.

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