Oven Cleaner Prevented Armed Robbery

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oven cleaner prevented an armed robbery in UtahOven cleaning solution was the only armour used against gunman attempting to rob a restaurant in West Valley City , Utah. Workers kept their cool and instead of panicking and calling the police they sprayed oven cleaner on the armed ravisher.

El Calor Taqueria is a Mexican food restaurant, but it should hold its staff even dearer when they foiled an armed robbery in cold blood. According to Police reports a gunman was seen entering the main kitchen on Sunday when the restaurant was just about to close. The offender demanded money and during a brisk struggle the gunman was sprayed with the oven cleaner directly in the face. Strange, but toxic cleaners reveal some new benefits. The gunman fell down covering his face, the chemical solution burning his skin.

So dear readers, never underestimate the toxicity of your cleaning solutions. If they can be used to foil an armed robbery, they may not be that safe for daily domestic use. Handle them with care, as West Valley City authorities suggest.

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