Olympics 2012: More Green than Gold

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Olympics 2012 More Green than GoldNow several months before the London Olympic 2012 many people start making conclusions what has been changed during the last several years of preparation for the huge event. And their opinion is that the Olympics are more green than gold because of several facts.

Obviously it became modern to make our everyday tasks more eco-friendly and also to use non-toxic cleaning supplies instead of chemicals. How did the Games turn into an example of a green living? The reason according to many is the result of the several years hard work. The truth is that the place where the Olympic stadium stands now, was a totally contaminated area. It appears that we have in front of us a real sample of how we can transform one dunghill into something useful for everybody.

Experts claim that the soil in the area was cleaned through soil washing machines. London Olympics became a reason for a huge cleaning operation of an area that has been contaminated for years by different fabrics. The hardest part for the specialists happened to be the clean up of river Lea. Journalists continue saying that the Games are more green than gold because they became the reason for us to make the banks of a river great for picnic again.

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