New Vacuum Cleaner for Pets from Bosch

On September 2nd, 2012 By 

Great news for the pet owners. Bosch launches on the market new vacuum cleaner for pets. In fact the vacuum cleaner was designed to collect the fur from the pets.

Some of you may ask what’s the difference between the old vacuum machines and this one. The company-manufacturer admits that it will be much easier with the new cleaner to collect the fur from the carpets and upholstery.

The name of the vacuum cleaner is Zoo’s ProAnimal cleaner. It is said to collect the dirt and fur much faster than the regular cleaners. Not only this but the cleaner has two different types of brushes. The hard one is to collect the dirt and the soft one is to grab the hairs. It is also very easy to be cleaned as it can be removed in seconds.

If you plan to buy such a vacuum machine, make a decision in advance whether you prefer a cleaner with bag or one with a container.

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