New Updates in Vacuum Cleaners

The iRobots became very popular as our busy everyday life do not leave us enough time to clean. Probably that is why there are new updates their manufacturers do. The latest changes are made in the popular Roomba and the known as Looj home robot.

ABC News inform us that iRobot is changing those two very expensive models. The major change they are doing is in the price which will be cut in half. Most of the home robot vacuum cleaners cost around 600$ but now you will be able to buy one at the half of the price.

Another major change in the machines will be their dust bin which is becoming bigger. This will allow the cleaner to collect more dust than before and you don’t have to empty it that often. Along with that the brushes the vacuum cleaner uses will be replaced by new ones. The new brushes will easily collect hair.

The manufacturers want to calm us that paying less doesn’t mean the robot cleaners will lose some of their main features as cleaning the dirtiest places more than once and automatically finding the base docks when they need recharge.

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Eric Owen Carter

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