New Slip-resistant Flooring on the Market

On January 19th, 2013 By 

anti slipping floorThere is new type of flooring on the market which was tested and proven to be slip-resistant. The flooring is a product of Moduleo and it will be launched on the market soon.

The floor is made of wood and stone but its covering is slip-resistant due to special surface. It has been tested by different methods including ramp and pendulum method of testing. The slip rating of the flooring is R10 and such a surface is recommended that should be used in places where the risk of slipping is higher.

Moduleo floors can be used in such conditions and they prevent slipping even when it is wet. This makes them perfect to be installed in kitchen or offices.

The statistics shows that falling and slipping takes 15% of all accidental deaths per year. If a worker slips on a wet floor, the average compensation they can receive is $19 000. Which leads to the idea that anti slipping floor might be less expensive.

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