New Cream Against Cleaning Products Irritation

On August 5th, 2012 By 

The problems that the cleaning products cause to us constantly now can be avoided with a new cream which contains antioxidants.

Experts claim that using that type of cream before touching cleaning products and chemicals is going to protect one’s arms and the irritation will be avoided. Christoph Schempp works in University Medical Centre Frieberg and he tested the special cream on a group of people for 7 days. During that time other 3 groups of volunteers were exposed to the same cleaning products but the hands of the first group were not protected at all. The second group of people used normal cream and the third one used a barrier cream. The results showed that those of the volunteers using the special antioxidant cream had no irritations but hydrated hands.

It is not known yet whether the product will be launched on the market and when this is going to happen. But it is great to know that soon we might be able to protect our hands from the dangerous chemicals.

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