New Cleaning Tool: Double-Headed Cleaning Brush

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A double headed brush is two times more convenient

A new invention will soon be used by cleaners: a double-headed brush. It will come in handy when cleaning surgical instruments and here is more about it.

The new cleaning tool is a creation of Spectrum Surgical Instruments Corp. based in Ohio, US. The brush is unique due not only to its double handiness. All the benefits of using a brush for cleaning are actually doubled.

The heads are made of different materials, making the double-headed brush two times more effective when cleaning. Nylon bristles make it quite useful for cleaning delicate surfaces. The second head is equipped with stainless steel bristles, for scrubbing and removing build up grime or stains.

That is why it is a really good surgical-instruments cleaner. Scissors and other instruments can be maintained spotless and all this without harming the stainless steel surface. Both heads’ bristles are also anti-microbial.

If you want to bring domestic cleaning to another level, get such a brush. Cleaning can be alleviated thanks to this new invention. Carrying two brushes or a brush and a scorching pad, will no longer be necessary. The double-headed brush has it all.

When cleaning the bathroom, we all use brushes, and the idea of combining a brush with a heavy duty aggressive cleaner, is really astounding. So we’ll wait and see, what’s next? A self-cleaning kitchen?

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