Neato – The Cutting Edge Technology Piece That Cleans after You

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Neato Vacuum Cleaner

Now that the holidays are over, cleaning up has just begun. Clean up should be done, sooner or later, as no one would like to bring clutter, dust and grime into the new year. It is inevitable, but do not worry, here is a new gadget that will clean after you. When the holidays are over, let Neato clean the festive mess for you.

Neato is an innovative cleaning robot. It moves smoothly, hovering the ground to clean what’s left after holidays frenzy. Neato is suitable for cleaning carpeting, hard-flooring, tiles and is rated as one of the most powerful robotic vacuum cleaners.

Neato is equipped with laser sensors allowing it to scan and map the entire room and thus avoiding any hindrance that stands on its way. It is self-rechargeable, and even charges and cleans simultaneously.

It can be set to clean at a specific moment of time, just use its automatic clean schedule. So it not only plans, but also, maps and is a perfect add to every modern household, in need of a reliable domestic helper.

Daily clean up, this is what Neato would perform thoroughly, helping you save some spare time for yourself.

For more information check Neato Vacuum official website.


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