My New Best Friend – The Slip-a Design

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slip-a design bagYou know the old saying that goes something like “knowing is 80% of the battle”. When it comes to housekeeping, I have modified it to “prevention is 80% of a home’s cleanliness”, which I’ve to say is quite true. Cut the causes for dirt and rubbish and you’ve no reason to clean quite as often or as hard. Trust me, cleaning a house full of kids becomes a Sisyphean task, so when I find a product that prevents dirt and stains, I consider worshipping it. Enter the slip-a designs.

I had a long time to reconcile with the name, which is quite silly, the first time I stumbled upon it on Emmy’s Mummy way back. But given the weather and how often I had to take out the children out, I decided to give this one a try. Because after the third consecutive day of mopping up mud from your floors, you start to see the benefit of a magic bag with dirt-repellent powers.

Given how rarely I review products, I really want to emphasize on how useful and multi-purpose this bag is. It can used on virtually anything and has a carry option, which I find only one word to describe – divine.

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