Mowing the Lawn or Cleaning the Home as Good as Working Out

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Domestic Activities as Good as Working Out

As modern people are rarely frequenting health clubs and gyms, a new research points out that moderate indoor exercises can be a good alternative to intensive work outs. Spending just 10 minutes daily decluttering for example can be a substitute for spending hours in the gym. Household activities are good exercises as they can help lower cholesterol levels, stabilize blood pressure and enhance weight-loss.

Researches say that mowing the lawn or cleaning the home have far more health benefits than expected. Even the activity of walking to the bus stop can be quite an exercise.

Ten minutes a day, this is a minor change that would make a difference. Doing little is better than doing nothing for your body. Add a short 10-minutes long routine to your daily life and you will soon feel the impact of the movement on your body.

Domestic cleaning chores such as hovering the floor, scrubbing the bathroom clean, have a great impact on the body, as good as cardio work outs.

To researchers’ greatest surprise short bursts turned out to be as beneficial as working out for more than 30 minutes.

According to Professor Nicole Glazer of Boston University School of Medicine, there is a great need for modern people to understand the benefits of being more active. It is not only going to the gym that they can do to move and be fit. Walking, biking and even cleaning up the house or taking the stairs instead of the lift can contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

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