Mothers Deserve a Christmas Salary of £2,500

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Organising Christmas is a complex project, mothers that carry it out early should get a salary of £2,500.

Cooking and decorating the Christmas tree are only part of the festive activities that mothers perform every year. The list of tasks is a really long one: mums are doing it for free, but if it was a real job it would cost some £60 an hour. A team of professionals would do this at high rates as it is a commercial service like party planning, for example.

Having meal planning, Christmas tree decorating and childcare and other chores in mind, and considering it working overtime on Christmas Eve and on so on, this can be quite a lucrative, but exhausting occupation. Mother’s work is taken for granted, said Mike Hazell, head of Debenhams Personal Finance. According to a study carried out this kind of work is of real value, although it is never paid for.

Taking only housekeeping and other work done at home, housewives should get some £25,000 a year.

Here are some of the roles that every mother performs: chef (equivalent to £13 an hour), personal shopper (£60 an hour), cleaner (£10 an hour), general housekeeping (£10 an hour) and many more. A mother would be paid a total of £2,585, if she didn’t do this for free and with love.


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