Mother of Three Goes on a Strike

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Jessica Stilwell is a mother of three girls from Calgary who decided to go on a strike and she hasn’t cleaned the house for six days. What was the result? Let’s see.

Jessica spent a weekend with her three daughters alone because her husband was out of the town. After the weekend she just realized that all the mess was made by the girls and decided to check how far they can go. So she went on a strike in her own house and stopped cleaning. Until the end of the week, she and her husband cleaned their own dishes and left everything else the way it was. Jessica even made a blog where she posted pictures and updates on how the strike was going.

What was the result? On the fourth day, one of the girls started crying and objected against eating in paper plates. The striking mother refused to give up in front of her crying girl and started negotiating. After two days of negotiations, the house were cleaned by the whole family and the three girls participated in the whole cleaning process

Whether they have learned their lesson, Jessica is the one to tell us. But we bet that they will never let the same mess happen again.

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