Mercury Cleaning in Buchanan Continues

On March 9th, 2012 By 

The cleaning of the mercury, spilled in a Buchanan school, continues. The officials announced that the school was opened for classes but there are three rooms which will be cleaned and tested first.

The accident happened on Wednesday 7th of March when one of the children in eight grade brought a piece of mercury in the school to show it to his friends. While playing with the dangerous chemical element, the children dropped it on the floor and it spilled in the rooms. The authorities took the shoes of every child to check them and also scanned individually all students before let them go home.

Mercury is a heavy metal, which is mostly used in thermometers. It is known to be very dangerous for people’s health especially for pregnant women and small children. Even small amounts of mercury cause damages to the human brain. It leads to blindness and deafness as well.

The cleaning in the classrooms continues and most probably later today all of them will be reopened for the students.

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