Low Quality Street Cleaning in Farnham

On October 13th, 2012 By 

The residents living in the area of Alma Lane, Upper Hale and Waverley Lane complained about the quality of the street cleaning in Farnham.

The Councillor of the town, David Beaman sent an agenda for the Executive Committee meeting of Waverley Borough Council which took place on 2nd of October. In the agenda there was a question regarding the monitoring of the cleaning contractors and their standards and results.

The answer of the Borough Council’s spokesman included all of the details about the two contractors responsible about the cleaning and waste recycling. He also replied that the target of the contractors which was 85% “pass-rate” of all streets have been achieved in the half of the six months period. The final conclusion was that around 6% of the area might have left unclean because of the 3% less cleaning provided by the contractors during three of the months.

The problem is hard to be solved because the authorities cannot be sure whether the cleaners are those who didn’t clean their area or the residents are the ones who do not dispose their litter properly.

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