London Underground Celebrates 150th Anniversary

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Canary Wharf stationThe London Underground first started operating on January 10 1863. Today there are 270 tube stations served by 11 lines. The length of the whole system of tracks is 402 kilometres. A curious fact is that London Underground is the third busiest tube after those in Paris and Moscow.

The 150th anniversary of the tube will be celebrated in a different manner. A set of stamps will be launched on the market and they will show pictures of remarkable moments from the opening of the tube until today. One of the images on the stamps will be the first locomotive in 1863 as well as the Canary Wharf station opening in 1999.

London Underground does not work 24 hours because the tracks need to be cleaned and this takes place at night. The maintenance also happens at night. In some occasions the tube works without a break for example at New Year and some special public events when there are too many people who have to travel from one place in London to another.

Popular news referring to the London Underground in 2012 was the strike of the cleaners. The people responsible for the cleanliness of the stations are not satisfied with the payment they receive and started a strike on 31st of December last year. This was not the first time when cleaners declare they want higher wages.

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