Live Clean, Go Green Eco-Conference in the US – Let’s Detox

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Trend is we all buy and store goods which safety is unclear. Stephanie Martin, a fourth grade teacher from Windsor, Ontario, Canada is organising the Live Clean, Go Green Eco-Conference, this Saturday, in the very school she works at, reports Windsor star.

live clean go green conference in WindsorThe teacher appeals to Windsor residents to learn more about the chemicals they are dealing with daily: let’s detox, personal care products and make-up contain dangerous substances and can trigger allergies and some are even linked to cancer. Being aware of the toxins around you and especially those that are in daily contact with your skin, is a must.

Stephanie has been petrified once she became familiar with the contents of some beauty products and she firmly states now that these will stay away from her body from now on. Women use beauty products daily, eye shadows for example, may turn out to contain some dangerous substances. Soap and make up cleaners ingredients include some petroleum derivatives and heavy metals.

Despite the fact that researches show that these potentially hazardous products are in very low concentration and should not be considered dangerous by any means.

Better play it safe when it comes to choosing products for daily use be it make up or cleaning detergents. Chemicals are omnipresent, they can be found in many forms, some of them are still unknown to most consumers, but this should not be a fact that we can all put up with.

Averil Parent, a conference coordinator says that the fact that many chemicals still in commercial use haven’t been tested yet is quite alerting.

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