Kim Kardashian Obsessed with Cleaning?

kim kardashian and her cleaning habitsReality star Kim Kardashian revealed her obsession for cleaning to Sunday Times Magazine. Kim, 31, admitted to being a clean freak and eating only frozen food packed in freezer bags.

Despite that her private life have already been made public, there are some details we are still unaware of.

She told Sunday Times Magazine that she feared she might be OCD. She eats specially delivered food in freezer bags daily, as this was the only way it remains tidy.

She likes everything in her home to be spotless and immaculate, and although she has a cleaning maid attending to her home three times a week, she always finds something to clean. She is a perfectionist, not only when it comes to her stunning appearance, she is uncompromising when it comes to cleanliness.

She showed signs of her obsession with cleaning during an episode of a TV reality, when she freaked out because her family came in her spotless home for a surprise party. Then she spoke of her obsessive cleaning habits.

Does she clean to Kanye West tunes? She said that hearing her boyfriend’s music on the radio is one one of the happiest moments in the day.

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