Kevin Bacon Excels in Housework

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Kevin Bacon is a household master

Kevin Bacon, the super star from Footloos, turns out to be a housekeeping god. Kevin Bacon is another example of a celebrity that handles most domestic chores and derives pleasure from that.

Now that Valentine’s day is coming, here is an idea from the one and only Kevin Bacon. It is a good idea to buy comfort for your sweetheart. He installed a bath in his home that he shares with his wife Kyra Sedgwick as a surprise. Surprisingly they didn’t have one. But it is more interesting that a movie star really enjoys cleaning up.

Men are known to refrain from doing domestic chores simply because they find them challenging for their masculinity. But this is no longer the case. As women emancipate men jobs, men are trying to keep their household role and stay away from domestic chores as they are reserved for women only. Recent polls suggest that men are getting more and more into household management. They are gradually taking over the kitchen. Cooks are predominantly male now, and that is an ongoing trend.

Kevin Bacon is among the few men that readily attend to their household without the need to be urged by their wives. The movie superstar even vacuum cleans dog toys. He is happy when he cleans. This is what matters most. He now proudly excels in housework.

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