Keeping Toilets Clean Can Save Lives


Yesterday, the world celebrated World Toilet Day. The occasion was commemorated by a discussion dedicated to the important of toilet sanitation.

A UNICEF spokesman, Dr. Mike Gnilo reminded on the event held at San Lazaro Hospital in Manila, Philippines, that almost half of the world’s population do not have access to clean sanitised toilets. This leads to almost 2 million catching infections and heaving health problems.

World Toilet Day united human rights activists, politicians, doctors and nurses around the idea of raising the awareness that cleanliness matters especially when it comes to toilets and personal hygiene.

Developing countries suffer the most due to the lack of proper toilet sanitation. Dirty toilets are among the major cause of dysentery, cholera and other diseases.

Then how does a clean toilet look like? First of all, it should not have any waste visible and no germs within your reach. Open defecation can lead to contamination.

So just keep your toilet clean and maintain good hygiene as this is life-saving or at least can prevent diseases from spreading.


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