Keep Your Contacts Clean or Put Your Vision at Risk

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contacts care is crucialOnly 20 % of the population are lucky to have perfect vision. Eyes get strained in so many ways that resorting to the support of vision correctives is inevitable for most people.

Thin optical correctives known as contact lenses are the most common way to counteract vision problems. They not only clear blurred vision but also seem to be the preferred method for improving one’s vision. They are thin and small discs, and the best advantage is that they are unnoticeable. But wearing lenses has its risks.

According to the British Contact Lens Association about 90 % of all the people wearing contacts in the UK, do not follow the user instructions and wear the contacts longer than recommended. Most lenses wearers don’t know how to maintain their lenses clean and thus run the risk of catching a severe eye infection.

The British Contact Lens Association strongly advises against cleaning the contacts with tap water and putting them in your eyes without proper soaking into their special solution. Remove the lenses and discontinue wearing them if your eyes sore and you don’t see well. Never sleep in lenses, always remove them and soak them in their cleaning solution overnight.

For more lenses cleaning tips consult your opthamologist.

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