Ipad Cleaning Innovations: The iEraser

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iEraser touchscreen cleanerIpad, as we all know is a touch screen device. Using fingers to tab, drag and so on, leads to leaving finger prints all over the delicate screen. Cleaning advanced technology has been improved, now you can stop using your sleeve to wipe up and just daub grease and grime on your tablet device. Meet the iEraser, a product by BestiProducts that will change the way you maintain your iPad screen.

Robert Skelton set up BestiProducts in Edgewater last year. The entrepreneur recently introduced his iEraser – a cleaning tool small and handy, fitting into a palm.

The name comes from its design inspired by a chalk-boarder eraser, that is easy to use and very popular. The rubbing side is made of microfiber cloth attached to a spongy block. The back side consists of plastic elements finishing with a ring. The tool called iEraser can be used for polishing all kinds of tablet touch screens, monitors, laptop screens and flat-screen TV sets. It is also a perfect duster. Unfortunately it is not suitable for cleaning smartphones, but very soon mobile phones users will benefit ftom the upcoming Junior iEraser that Skleton is currently working on.

Tablets and finger-operated devices require special maintenance, common commercial cleaning products may lead to damage, specialists warn.

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