Interesting Facts about Skyscraper Windows Cleaning

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Empire State Building windows washingCleaning skyscraper windows seems very interesting if you watch the process from aside. What is the feeling to hang from hundreds of metres with a bucket and a squeegee? The professional window cleaners reveal some interesting facts about the skyscraper windows cleaning.

It appears there are people who throw there rubbish through the windows. Washers admit it happens very often the tenants on the higher floors of Empire State building to throw things out of their windows. They can hit somebody and not no mention what is the mess which the washers have to deal it while washing these windows. The worst case a window cleaner remembers is about when somebody threw out several gallons of strawberry preserves. Ten floors of glass had to be scrubbed thoroughly to remove the sticky liquid.

Another one of the interesting facts about skyscraper windows cleaning is that the cleaning process takes a lot of time. A building may take a month or more to be washed. For example the Time Warner Centre in New York takes four months for six cleaners to handle it. I guess you know that this means the windows cannot be cleaned more than 3 times per year.

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