Improvement on Oil Spill Cleaning Technology

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Oil is diminishing as a natural resource, but oil spills do not cease. In order to make oil spill cleaning more effective, something should be done. Scientists are embracing the idea of collaborating with oil companies owners. Oil companies should be more environmentally minded and show they can deal with oil spills quickly and decrease their negative impact.

Reuters reminds that the world has seen two devastating oil spills in the last 2 years, from BP to the Gulf of Mexico spill. Industry’s enthusiasm is floating and fleeting, history shows that little is being done to counterfeit such large ecological calamities.

BP has proved that the lack of enthusiasm and pro-activity, could cost a fortune. The UK petrol giant spent $14 billion on cleaning only, and another 15 billion on legal claims and providing shelter for the affected and paying damages out.

Oil spills and chemicals are a major ecological problem, together with global warming. Trends are towards better design and more efficient pollution control. Dispersants are less toxic now, but this is not enough. Preventing spills is what petrol giants such as Shell, BP and etc. should invest in, said Simon Henry, finance director of Royal Dutch Shell before Reuters. Ensuring that there is no spill is the first thing that scientists advise on.


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