Illegal Trash Dumping in Wells

On February 17th, 2012 By 

It happens now and then bags full of trash to appear on places not earmarked for that purpose but in the centre of Wells this has become something natural. Let’s see why.

For the last six months, there have been full trash bags illegally thrown out in South Street in Wells. The first time when a bag was found was last year and this ridiculous situations continues even today. Initially the trash was in black bags made of plastic but lately these bags were replaced by Tesco ones, which obviously were new and they cost £1 each.

The people living in the area start getting angry with this awful behaviour. They think that the person leaving the trash on the street lives in the area. Cleaners from a local contractor have already tried to track the owner of the bags as they went trough the trash to find out any sign of the owner’s identity.

Unfortunately the trash is not being collected by the local cleaning services which handle this task because it is unsorted. They would pick it up only if the garbage is dangerous for the people.

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