Hydrogen Peroxide Vapour Fights Infections in Hospitals

clean hospital roomThere is finally a solution to one of the major problems in hospitals – the prevention of infections. Experts found out that a robot spreading around hydrogen peroxide vapour reduces significantly the spreading of different infections.

As the time passed by, most of the bacteria became resistant to the different drugs and medicines. That is why it became very difficult for physicians to fight every single infection and some patients got ill even when treated with the right drugs. A person who comes to the hospital because of flu may happen to get affected with something else while staying there.

Now the new hydrogen peroxide vapour which will be spread by robots will reduce the bacteria in the hospitals and will prevent many infections. Each machine is going to clean not only floors and walls but all types of surfaces and the air we breathe as well.

The effectiveness of the hydrogen peroxide vapour that fights infections in hospitals has been proved in Singapore in 2002. There was an outbreak of respiratory syndrome which infected many people until this new method came to use and put an end to everything. It was also used in several US hospitals as a prevention in case of an anthrax attack.

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