How Much Time Women Spend Cleaning for Christmas?

On December 26th, 2012 By 

Cleaning before and after ChristmasChristmas is the holiday which stresses us the most and reason for this is the huge holiday cleaning every woman experience. But how much time does it take to handle it?

If you are one of those women who want to make their home sparkling clean, then you probably have spent around 50 minutes cleaning everyday. Considering that, the final result is two years of your life spent cleaning for the holiday called Christmas. The period of time we spare for the regular cleaning tasks per year is another two weeks.

Now let’s summarise everything. It appears that we spend more time cleaning for each holiday instead of celebrating. What’s worse is the fact that despite all the efforts, we still fear about the cleanliness and whether our guests are going to like our house and if they will find it clean enough.

Now guess who is the most dreadful guest in each home. Of course, this is the mother-in-law. Experts’ advice is not to spend so much time doing something which has to be repeated thoroughly after that. Spare less time cleaning before Christmas and more for cleaning after the holidays when you will really need to do it.

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