How Clean the Shopping Centres Are?

On April 17th, 2012 By 

Think about the time you spend in a shopping centre. Especially in the winter, we spare a lot of our free time to go there because of the cold weather. But do we know how clean the surfaces and the toilets there are?

Latest tests that have been made in New South Wales in Australia in a shopping centre revealed that the surfaces in the eating areas as well as in toilets are not clean at all. The results from the tests showed that even after a cleaning process those places are dirty and the bacteria in the public areas is above the average levels.

The workers in the cleaning sector said that their bad working conditions and low payment are becoming a danger for the people’s health. Because of the recession, the owners of those centres wanted the cleaning companies to cut the job positions, said David Westrip. This leads to the result which is dirty public areas.

He also said that some of the companies didn’t have enough stuff to fulfil the assignments neither they had the right equipment to do it. That is why in most of the cases, some of the surfaces appeared to be even dirtier after they have been cleaned.

Next time when you visit the nearest shopping centre think about the things you touch and how clean your hands are before you start eating.

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