Highly Contaminated River Needs Cleaning

One of the most popular rivers flowing through Melbourne appears to be full of rubbish and bacteria. The worst part of the story is that the cleaning of the place has been postponed for years and today one of the icons of the city looks like a dunghill.

The river called Yarra flows through the centre of Melbourne and as the years passed by it became a popular place for many tourists especially the part of it from Docklands to CBD, which the Environment Protection Authority claims is the dirtiest section. The view which the people see when they pass along is awful, revealed Herald Sun these days.

The last researches made by EPA an year ago showed that the contamination of the river with E coli was hundred times more than the safe limit, which leads to health risks for the people swimming in the river and the kayakers.

The good news is that EPA and Melbourne Water are making a plan about the cleaning and restoration of the river in the nearest future. Hopefully, Melbourne people will be able to swim in Yarra sooner than they think.

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Nicholas Carr

Nicholas Carr

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