Helicopter Hit a Crane in Central London – Two Dead

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helicopter Crashed in Central London killing 2 people

Two people were lethally injured after a helicopter crashed into a crane in central London yesterday morning. The aircraft crashed like a rocket hitting the ground and killing two people. The skilled pilot of the helicopter was also found dead.

The aircraft hit the crane of St George Wharf Tower located in Vauxhall due to bad weather and failing to divert. The helicopter crashed into the road below, starting a fire, with cars burning and pedestrians panicking and running to find shelter.

The accident was described by witnesses as a loud bang like a thunder. Then they saw the aircraft in a cloud of fumes, heading towards the nearby skyscraper, approaching headquarters of MI6, crashing into one of the most heavy trafficked London railway bridges.

Despite the fact that the aircraft accident happened during a rush hour, police officers say that it could have been many times worse.

The pilot was a veteran helicopter expert with more than 12,000 hours total flying time. The second person who died might have been trapped in one of the burning buildings. Fortunately there have been many lucky escapes, thanks to the timely police officers response.

Cleaning the debris is already under way.

source: http://www.independent.co.uk/

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