Green Cleaning Bill Passed in Bennington

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Green Cleaning Bill passed in VermontSchools in Bennington, Vermont will benefit from a green cleaning bill that was passed by the Senate last Thursday. Schools are to be green cleaned from now on, as cleaning products distributors will supply only environmentally safe products to educational institutions.

At last, schools will become more welcoming and safe for kids. Charity Carbine-March, an environmental health advocate says “Children in classrooms across Vermont will soon be breathing easier.”. Children with respiratory problems will feel safe now that chemicals are not every where. We all know the negative effects of toxins on the human body. Moreover, schools are where our children go daily, so having a secure environment is a must.

Air quality is another aspect of school life that the new green bill will drastically improve. Students’ health is of major concern, as the lack of oxygen can cause dizziness and lead to severe health implications if toxins are inhaled. Carol Westinghouse, President of a non-governmental organisation states that there has been a great drop in the asthma, headaches and other health problem cases.

Earlier in 2004, the Clean State Program turned Vermont administrative buildings into environmentally friendly ones.

It is a fact that green cleaning products are as effective as traditional cleaners. But the main point is that they are healthier, widely available and affordable.

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