Green Award for Drinkable Cleaning Solution

On April 1st, 2012 By 

Can you believe there is such an eco-friendly cleaning solution that can be drunk by people without any consequences? Well, here is the company producing this product.

It is a Navy Yard-based company, called EcoLogic Solutions and they produce really safe and harmless products which their customer can drink. This is one of the main reasons for EPA to give them the “Environmental Quality Award”, which is bestowed to companies that make a great contribution to the protecting of the environment.

The drinkable cleaning product was proved as “all-natural” and chemical free solution and the CEO of the company-producer, Anselm Doering personally drinks from it. The award will be given on a special ceremony on 27th of April. The event will be held in Manhattan and everyone who wants to taste the drink will be able to do it.

It is great we all think about the environment and we do our best to help the nature return its previous green look. Now we have the chance to do something more about it using more eco-friendly cleaing products. There are many ways to do it.

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