Gordon Brown Calls for Immediate Dalgety Bay Cleaning

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Dalgety Bay Clean UpThe former UK Prime minister Mr. Brown demands from the Defence Secretary to initiate immediate beach clean-up of the radiation contaminated Dalgety Bay. The Defence Secretary is to present a plan for organising the cleaning incentive.

Earlier in October 2011, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency found signs radioactive metal contamination at Dalgety Bay beach. Wartime radium was found while tracing a radioactive source. Radium is highly radioactive, up to 10-times more dangerous than all other metal objects found. The radioactive radium lump was properly removed. Ever since the discovery of the dangerous material the place has been marked by warning signs.

The bay awaits further treatment. The material residues still contribute to higher radiation levels in the area, meaning that there is a significant hazard for people approaching the bay.

According to Mr Brown the only long-term solution is launching a clean up campaign. The start is planned for May 2013. Once the program is funded the local residents will finally feel safe from radiation.

As Health Protection Agency claims the radiation levels are fairly low and there is no serious health risk. So the residents may finally have some peace of mind. The beach is safe for use, and people have no reason to stay away as there is a low to no chance of radiation exposure.

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