Girl Cleans Graffiti off Street Signs

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In many counties and communities is an ordinary thing to see graffiti on the walls of the building and on the street signs. The same is the situation in a community in Texas but with one difference. Somebody started cleaning them.

The student, Desiree Amstutz volunteered cleaning the graffiti off the street signs in the area where she lives. The girl and her dad were going to watch a movie when she noticed the awful “drawings” on the signs and wanted to do something to remove them.

Despite the movie they were about to watch, she decided to clean the graffiti and her father helped her. Desiree shares that she loves the nature and she wants to live in a clean environment. She also says she loves her neighbourhood and that she wanted to make it more beautiful. The residents of the community are very grateful for the efforts of Desiree and her father and stopped by to say thank you. They also left comments about them on the Facebook page of the community.

The girl is a student and she spends her spring break cleaning graffiti off the street signs. Her home is that she might be able to involve more people into this task.

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