Gardening Gloves Are a False Security

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gardening gloves and healthy risksGardening gloves, according to scientists at the Queen Mary University of London, are not the most efficient way for skin protection. It is true that they seal the skin covering it while planting, for example, but due to the fact that they are rarely washed, they are infested by germs and pathogens.

Spores and bacteria that inhabit the soil easily get into the gloves and linger there to multiply. What follows is even more disturbing, imagine touching your face or even eyes with filthy hands after wearing dirty gardening gloves. It is a health hazard.

Dr Ron Cutler from the University of London says “Gardening gloves provide a false sense of security”. It all results in spreading germs indoors because even when taking the gloves off, hands touch the outside, too. Washing your hands after removing the gloves is as necessary as wearing them in the first place.

Scientists recommend disposing of gloves with holes. Washing gloves and drying them is crucial to your health, so use an anti-bacterial soap to clean them and disinfect your hands by washing them thoroughly after wearing them.

Gardeners do know how dirty their hands can get if they do not wear gloves. But considering the health hazards that soil particles impose, washing your hands should be done as if you had no gloves on. Health can’t be compromised.

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