Forensic Technology Used as Cleaning Equipment

On June 21st, 2012 By 

The housekeepers in the Best Western Atrea hotel are equipped with forensic technology in order to make the rooms perfectly clean for the guests.

The new used equipment is part of a campaign called “I Care Clean”, which was launched by Best Western. The hotel, located in Bryan, Texas is the first one started using the technology but this is only the beginning.

The cleaning equipment allows the cleaners to see the dirty spaces using an UV ray and black light wands. Another innovation added to this are spray bottles that can turn water into cleaning solution.

One of the executive cleaners working in Best Western Atrea admits that she feels like an investigator on a crime scene when she uses the new equipment. Ella Jefferson also claims that it is very easy to work with it. “It sanitizes everything. All you have to do is run it over like this and it sanitizes everything,” she says.

The campaign continues and more hotels will receive the forensic technology, Best Western announced. They hope this is going to make the customers be more confident when choosing the brand.

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