Environmental Benefits of Using Soap Flakes

Soap FlakesLiquid soap is a common product we use daily. Solid soap may be considered old-fashioned but experts reveal that block solid soap is more environmentally friendly.

Liquid soap contains about 50 percent water, moreover, you actually mix it with extra water when rinsing your hands. That, as scientists say, is unnecessary water consumption. Reasons for choosing liquid soap over solid block are mainly convenience-related.

Most people hate soap bars because they are slippery, slide easily and even tend to attract bacteria and collect germs. No need to mention that, when used by more than one tenant they get even dirtier.

But, as we are getting more and more concerned over diminishing natural water sources, it is high time we started saving some water. Why use liquid soap when there are soap graters that produce convenient for use, water-saving, soap flakes?! Nathalie Stämpfli came up with a smart solution.

soap grater dispenser

The slipping-sliding accidents are no longer a problem as the soap bar is safely attached to a wall dispenser. Nathalie Stämpfli, designed two dispensers. The first can be used as common soap dispensers, but relying on a grater to produce soap flakes. You push the grater with one hand and the flakes are already in your palm, ready to foam. The second type of soap grater can substitute for your shower gel. It is a grater in the form of a pepper mill, portable and handy.

Soap flakes are a smart approach to reducing home water consumption. Have you already tried them? Share with us.

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