Energy-Conscious Households Save More Than £30 A Year

On September 9th, 2012 By 

save on electricityElectrical devices, we all have them in our homes, from LCD TVs to laptops and washing machines, they all consume electricity.

There is hardly a way for a modern 21st century family to make it through the day without electricity, as all kitchen appliances, for example, are powered in this way. Energy costs money.

A simple method for reducing electricity consumption is switching off appliances when not in use. DirectGov shared some striking facts – even when the TV set is turned off, it is still consuming electricity. It is not much of a waste but it accumulates in time and can amount to more than £30 a year. Compared to the simple and brisk gesture of unplugging the device, why waste your money?

Energy-efficiency starts with choosing the right washing machine, for example. Experts say that buyers need to be more energy-conscious. EU Energy Labels should be carefully examined before purchasing an item. Reading the labels carefully and picking A-rated appliances is the key to reducing electricity bills.

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