Energy Clean Home Saves Up to 5% on Energy

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Call for cleaner EnergySpring cleaning is what usually happens at the end of the cold winter. There is one more thing to be done, cleaning energy consumption as well. According to the Telegraph just a small few of UK residents clean their energy use.

Using clean energy is green but also money saving. Boilers for example, are said to consume 25% more energy during the cold months to maintain insulation, and even more is wasted when boiler insulation is not properly fixed. Contacting an expert is a smart thing to do, as adjusting boiler settings may turn to be a tough job for a layman.

Improving the energy efficiency of all appliances will reduce energy bills by at least 5%. The sooner, the better. Checking insulation and leaking pipes is done by professionals, thus reducing the risks and costs of such repair in the winter.

Energy efficiency comes with monitoring energy use. Experts claim that devices use can be optimised, chargers plugged in only when needed, indoor lighting reduced as summer days are longer. Turning appliances on and off, consumes more energy that leaving them on a stand by. When it comes to TV-sets, stand-by mode is energy consuming.


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