Dry Cleaning Machine Caused Fire in Sydney

On November 6th, 2012 By 

Fire in SydneyA dry cleaning machine caused fire in Sydney last night. The building of the Australian Uniform Service was set on fire due to a sparkle in a dry cleaning machine. The accident happen around 12:45 pm.

The fire itself was not very big but it was the reason for a dangerous power line to be broken and hanging on a tree while the electricity was still on. The fire-fighters arrived at the address Brodie St, Rydalmere very fast and stopped the flames from spreading.

The reason for the accident according Geoff McAllister, a Fire and Rescue NSW Inspector, is a dry cleaning machine. A sparkle occurred in the machine due to electrical short circuit.

Fortunately, nobody was injured but the business building received many damages by the flames and the smokes. Now fire investigators are going to examine the place to make sure the dry cleaning machine caused the fire in Sydney.

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