Dry Cleaner Returns $2000 to the Owner

On February 28th, 2012 By 

We became witnesses to many novel acts lately. One of which was the gesture of the cleaner in the United Kingdom who gave the several golden watches, he found in a drain, to the police. Now we have the example of a female dry cleaner who returns $2000 to the owner.

Her name is Bryanna LaPlante and she admits that it is not the first time to find something forgotten in the pockets of the clothes she excepts in the dry cleaning. But this was the first time when she finds something so valuable such as $2000.

The girl says she found the pile of bills just a minute after the customer left the dry cleaning. So, she grabbed the phone and called him. He came back almost immediately and was so thankful that he insisted that she should accept the $100 he wanted to give her. He wanted to stay anonymous.

Bryanna’s boss expressed how proud of her the company is. The girl has been working there for 10 months and they hope she will be part of their team many more.

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