David Beckham H&M – The Importance of Clean Underwear

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David Beckham H&M commercial

David Beckham running in his H&M underwear:  Guy Richie has come up with a brilliant idea to have all ladies’ eyes glued to the screen while watching the ad.

It is actually a short film, really short for all Beck’s admirers. But let’s see what happens when David Beckham loses his robe. He has some fancy pants on, here is more on the importance of being clean and having clean underwear, as one never knows when a posh lady would close the back door, sticking your bathrobe, steering the Range Rover, dragging your robe all along the road. You should be prepare for the worse, at least to be clean.

Why David Beckham? First of all, he is a mega football icon, role-model for men and a perfect gent for women. Dave was recently listed as one of the five perfect gentlemen in UK for 2012. He is well-mannered, maintains perfect body shape, not clean-shaven all the time, and tattooed, of course. His fashion strive has taken him a long way. We can see him running in H&M commercial that has gone viral on the web.

The perfect gentleman of today is not only clean shaven, well-fit, but also has a clean and decent outfit. Cleanliness is an important factor. The perfect gent keeps himself clean and also manages his home immaculately.

Therefore clean underwear is a must. Follow David Beckham’s example, be clean, fit and prepared to run for your robe throughout LA if needed.

Here is the video, check it out!

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