Dangerous Cleaning Detergent Stolen

On December 20th, 2012 By 

Leeds in UKDangerous cleaning substance has been stolen in Leeds on Sunday, police announced.

The missing detergent was stolen from a commercial cleaning vehicle which was left on Wakefield Road in the Adwalton Business Park. The accident happened between 6.50 and 7.20 pm. There are other items missing including a vacuum cleaner used for commercial purposes, a diesel generator and a floor scorer.

The missing substance is very dangerous and harmful for people’s health because of the asbestos it contains. The thieves broke into three of the vehicles and stole not only the particular asbestos dust but they also took a lot of diesel from one of the vehicles.

The authorities ask everyone who could possibly notice something to call 0800 555111 or to contact Andrew Webster who is part of the neighbourhood’s police department. Even the most insignificant information may be helpful.

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