Customers Unwilling to Pay More for Green Products

People refuse to pay more for some green cleaning products in order to protect the environment but still they try to save energy and water as much as they can.

Green Gauge survey made a research to find out how willing people are when it comes to green cleaning products. It appears that most of them do their best to reduce the consumption of water and electricity in their homes. But when they have to choose between paying less or more for green products, most people are unwilling to spend extra money.

There was noticed a decrease in the sale of eco-frindly products and not only. The number of consumers in the US who spent money for non-polluting cars, organic products and food has dropped significantly for the last year. The sale of the energy saving light-bulbs is also less compared to previous periods – from 57% to 51%. Whole 10% less are the customers buying energy efficient products and 13% less are people who would spend some money on buying an eco-friendly car.

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