Cleaning Up After Russian Meteor Blast

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Russian Meteor Clean Up

Few days after a meteor exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, cleaning up is currently under way.
24,000 troops and other trained specialists will help in the post meteor clean up.

The shock wave was so powerful that it broke more than a million square feet of windows, equivalent to the size of 20 football fields. The shock-wave caused damage to about 4,000 buildings in the area.

NASA reported that this was the biggest meteor the Earth has seen crashing in a century. It is said to have weighted more than the Eiffel tower.
The force of the blast upon entering the atmosphere was estimated to be about 470 kilotons which is almost 30 Hiroshima bombs.

Residents still find it hard to believe what have happened. As this is normally what they can see only in the movies. Local officials have pledged to replace all broken windows in a weeks’ time.

Divers were sent to find the remains of the meteor. It was believed that a huge part of it landed into a lake located outside the city. But unfortunately, there was no such thing.

Meteor hunters are currently coming from all over the world to find large chunks of the notorious meteor.


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